Global Organ Donor Education Network, a non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation (GODEN) was issued official 501c3 designation by the United States Internal Revenue Service effective, retroactively, April 2018.

Based in Los Angeles, USA, GODEN’s mission is to reduce, and eventually eliminate, death rates of men, women and children awaiting an organ transplant. With a global scope, GODEN will save and enrich the lives of people around the world by providing a network of organ donor advocates and organizations that spans cultures, religions and geography.
GODEN will:

  • Offer a platform of support for individuals and organizations working to increase organ donor registrations around the world
  • Produce events to raise awareness of the need for registered donors
  • Develop content that encourages an increased dialogue about organ donation and transplantation across the general population
  • Serve as a mass marketing service dedicated to this one cause

There are many organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing transplant rates in the US and globally. At theGlobal Organ Donor Education Network, our belief is that together we can save more lives and keep families and friends together, longer.